Elisabeth Axelsson

I'm mother of five children ranging between 8 and 26 years old and a full-time psychologist. Free time has therefore become a rare commodity. Since my father bought me a Kodak Instamatic at age 7 I've loved taking photos, but I never understood the point of huge cameras with lots of different lenses to carry around. Until now. I took that step in April 2008 and can't go back to point-and-shoot for anything, though I've tried very hard, as small cameras are certainly easier to carry around than the backpack I'm always lugging.

I use the Konica Minolta and Sony Alpha systems, with the A700 being all I wish for in a camera right now.

This gallery isn't a showcase as such. I started it for several reasons: ease of posting to the Dyxum forums, ease of showing photos taken at various events to friends and family, recording and sharing work-related events and - most definitely - as a way of keeping photos safe from hard-disk crashes or computer theft.

That being said, I also like to show people my photos and I love comments! Oh, and I'm Swedish, so comments in Swedish are fine as well.